Pay It Forward Manufacturing

A new way of doing business through sharing and love.

Introducing the Inifinity Series.

A Series if 9 units part of the Trinity Project launched in 2019.

Our goal - To get 100,000 of these units out into the world, differently.

A new simple way of delivering and enhancing sound and vibrational energy fields for you, your home and your business. To make life a little easier, stronger and better. For all of us.

What do we Mean by Pay it Forward Manufacturing?

Why Approach a Business in this Way?

For many years we have been involved with the sale and distribution of consciousness based technologies but what we found was that we wanted to do it differently. Creating a safe space for those that wish to use these instruments to show and share that it can be done differently. No longer a push and pull mentality but one based in love.
What does that mean?
It means that we understand there is no scarcity, no have to or pressure for time. We are creating the space for you and others to say yes to change. Change from the inside out leveraging acceleration tool and technology like the infinity series to help strengthen the embodiment of the soul in the human form.

Coming Together Differently

We have been asked to create a series of scalar instruments to help strengthen the embodiment of love/the soul into the human form. Each instrument is "amplified" by sound or frequency. We are not sound providers. We are seeking to align the sound creators to amplify or generate unique scalar fields to help strengthen the evolution of the human form. Supporting Evolution Differently. Coming Together in Love.