How did these instruments come about?

After working with a number of other divine sciences or technologies on the planet including, sound, scalar, biofeedback, including Quantum Sound Therapy for the last 10 plus years we were lead to birth a new series, ourselves.

One based in love.

With the ease and availability of 3D technology from our very own basement what we discovered was we could easily produce and share technologies that were not as readily available to more people.

Before manufacturing required larger facilities, more technology, more capital, sales teams, etc. Which added complexity to get them to the end-user.

Now we can design, share, and produce from anywhere in the world.

Without needing huge amounts of capital all we need is a willingness to say yes from the heart and we can take it from there.

Meet Ann (the brains behind the operation) LOL!

So if you look at my background. My passions have been business, teaching, sharing, and creating space for difficult concepts that most shy away from. Hell, I even taught taxation at the University of Toronto at one time. Who does that?

Then along came metaphysics back into my life at the age of 43 and I have not looked back since.

What came to me was an opportunity to create a business and life that mirrored and reflected the inner and outer aspects of all of me.

Not always an easy journey. In fact, it was downright hard at first. I keep “trying to do the “right “ thing but it never seemed to align with my expectations and inner knowing of what it “should be”. Inside my heart.

Then along came my divine partner and technology I knew inside my soul and I have never looked back. For me this journey is about aligning the love inside of me with my inner knowing/higher consciousness into the human form.

To be ALL of me. Not the “me” that others projected and expected me to be and played into to make others happy. And technology has assisted in the process along the way.
So over the last 10 years, we have built a strong community, based in love, leveraging technology to show and help the world to KNOW that I possible to change. Differently. Change through love, and leveraging technology to help let go of the dramas and, patterns and stories that are stopping us from love.

So now what? I get to teach, share, and offer divine sciences from a place of love, not lack, not fear, not limitation. Welcome to the Infinity Series. A system designed to help you strengthen and embodiment of you, the real you on this planet.

Meet Bill (the genius who loves technology and people all at the same time!)

This is the man behind the craziness that opened me up for life (Ann here). When you meet him or hear him you will understand that his whole life has been about unconditional love but his passion was and is technology. Not just from this life but many lives and many systems where he has had a chance to assist in creating technologies that assist and support, not devalue the human form.
Why ? Because he loves. Why? Because he cares. He wants each of us (including himself) to live the life we only dreamed of. The one that lies in our hearts and he KNOWS technology is here to help.

So along the way he has worked with and assisted in creating technologies. Technologies used for good. Used to help support the human form in its evolution of consciousness.

There have been quite a few that have shown up in our lives and there will be more. These include Quantum Sound Therapy, the Quantum Alignment Service, the Gizmo, and now the Infinity Series of 9 designed to help strengthen the embodiment of the soul into the human form by helping to help release patterns, energetic blockages, and pain that is stopping us from embodying who truly are. LOVE. Yes, love. In the human form. Cause that’s all we are when we let it.

Yes, I can hear you all now in my head. Technology for consciousness? You are kidding me, right? I don’t like technology. Technology can be used for bad how can that be? That makes no sense. And yet here we are using skype, zoom, and god knows what else in our homes without question. Why not this too?
So come and explore what is possible through love, supported by technology, connected in a community-based in love.