Introducing the Infinity Series

A series of sound and scalar instruments to enhance the use of sound frequencies in your life.

What do we mean by the Infinity Series?

After working with sound and scalar for over 10 years we were lead to creating a series of technologies to help enhance the use of sound on this planet.

If you are familiar with using sound and music to enhance what you are doing in your life, imagine enhancing that work by playing frequencies through technologies that can enhance those sounds by creating a magnetic/scalar field so the whole being or body is now impacted differently than just sound can deliver through the ear.

Introducing the Harmonizer

The first in a series of 9 Resonance Amplifiers designed to help harmonize and balance your energy field each and every day. This easy to use plug and play solution is designed for your home, office or place of business to help create a 24/7 coherent energy field each and every day. It comes with a full playlist of over 40 frequencies including frequencies for love, energy, harmony, and clearing tracks designed to be played each and every day. Each unit as it sits in one location helps amplify the resonance of your field.

Introducing the Stabilizer

This easy to use beautiful new unit is designed specifically to help open the heart. Those that are focused on love based expansion or resonance will understand and be drawn to this one. This unit can be added to the Harmonizer unit or used as a stand-alone unit.

How have we priced the instruments?

After examining lots of energy exchange/pricing models, test driving community models, and asking people along the way, we have come up with several options. Our intention is to help get these instruments into the hands of the people that need them, want them, and are called to them without letting money get in the wayt. This way we can meet people where they are at and engage them in a way that is comfortable for them and for us. A win-win environment on both sides.

A Testimonial From The Heart

This is Laura's perception of the Harmonizer .. mom, wife and long term energy worker